Space Auto recently rolled out what it called the “ultimate” social media how-to guide for BMW dealers.

The provider of an integrated software and marketing solution for dealerships highlighted that its BMW Dealership Social Media Playbook offers expert tips on how dealerships can grow their digital presence, including proven steps for using TikTok and Instagram to drive vehicle sales. It includes everything from recommendations on lighting, production, and copywriting to commenting and tracking social media success.

According to Social Media Week, 90% of vehicle buyers who used social media in the shopping process said it influenced their decision.

“Social media has become one of the most effective ways to reach new and existing car buyers, and yet there is never enough marketing support at auto dealerships, especially for platforms like TikTok and Instagram,” Space Auto founder and CEO Nick Askew said in a news release. “That’s why Space Auto created the BMW Dealership Social Media Playbook, offering dealers key insights on how to manage social media effectively and turn followers into prospective car buyers.

“We hope this guide helps BMW dealerships grow their business and makes their life easier in managing their social media presence,” Askew continued.

The playbook features photography, video, social media posts and case studies produced by Space Auto, contracted by six BMW Centers that are Space Auto’s social media clients.

The company said social media posts on these accounts have led to a significant uptick in engagement for these TikTok and Instagram accounts. Many posts have reached thousands of individuals, generating thousands of views and likes.

To start, the playbook will be distributed to more than 100 BMW dealerships in the following locations, among many others:

—BMW DFW Centers

—BMW San Antonio Centers

—BMW Austin Centers

—BMW Atlanta Centers

—BMW Tampa Centers

—BMW South Florida Centers

Space Auto is hosting a series of exclusive webinars for BMW dealers when Askew and the Space Auto team walk them through the BMW Social Media Playbook and provide the “inside scoop” on the best ways to manage TikTok and Instagram.

Space Auto offers automotive social media content management and production to dealer groups, OEMs, and enterprise clients. Contact Gray Clark, VP of dealer services, at for more details.

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