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WAVERLY, N.Y. — State Line Auto Auction recently commemorated 20 years of being a General Motors factory-sponsored auction, a relationship in which State Line AA says it has moved almost 240,000 GM units. 

Late last month, during the GM sponsored sales, there was a celebration honoring dealers who had gone to the first GM sale on March 8, 1990. 

"Without question, our status as a General Motors-sponsored auction has paid great benefits to State Line over the past 20 years," said Jeff Barber, president and owner of State Line AA, the lonely GM sponsored auction in New York, according to officials. "It is amazing to consider the changes that have transpired since that day in 1990 when we held our first GM sale." 

He continued: "To use a baseball analogy, I often tell my employees that having a GM sale is like having a major league franchise: Customers want to go where the best cars and the best players are, and that has benefited us at State Line for two decades. 

"Because of our GM affiliation, we have been able to provide all of our customers, both buyers and sellers, with the best services available in the auction business," Barber added. 

Officials said that it the two decades it has been a GM-sponsored auction has been a "consistent performer" for the automaker, winning seven awards. One of those honors was being the recipient of GM's top award for operational excellence in 2007. 

"GM has enjoyed a strong relationship with the State Line Auto Auction team over the past 20 years. Along with his team, Jeff has continued to provide our customers with unwavering commitment and consistent value," stated Dan Kennedy, national sales manager for GM Remarketing. 

"Furthermore, he and his team use every sale to improve their efforts in meeting our dealers' needs through reconditioning, repairing and presenting our used vehicles in the best and most effective manner," he continued. 

Barber added: "We are very proud to have shared our success with General Motors and GMAC. With the turbulent conditions that exist in today's market, we are committed to giving GM and GMAC our very best efforts to help them remain a strong force in the industry."