Conversational AI technology provider STELLA Automotive AI has joined with Cox Automotive’s Xtime, a provider of end-to-end service department software, in a read-write data integration that companies said will provide benefits for their mutual dealer customers.

The partnership integrates STELLA Service Booking into the Xtime platform, which the companies said saves dealers from having to re-key information, saving time and reducing potential errors.

STELLA Service Booking is an artificial intelligence-powered digital voice assistant designed to answer every inbound call on the first ring, 24/7, eliminating hold times and allowing customers to schedule appointments to reduce the booking process to less than two minutes.

“The integration with Xtime has been a remarkable journey, offering dealers transformative benefits,” STELLA Automotive AI CEO Rich Sands said. “Early adopters are thrilled with the integration, reporting increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and heightened profitability.”

STELLA’s digital voice assistant speaks with customers and navigates them through common questions, checking the schedule and making service lane bookings. The company said STELLA manages the majority of calls but can also seamlessly transition customers to dealership staff, allowing for enhanced dealership operations, reducing costs and improving customer service scores.