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ARLINGTON, Texas — In the wake of Toyota's recalls, more than half of consumers have apparently  found the automaker to be "less appealing," while domestics are enjoying some good news, especially for Ford, according to the New Vehicle Brand Barometer Study from Decision Analyst.

More specifically, 53 percent of study participants said Toyota is now less attractive after its recent issues, while only 5 percent say the automaker has boosted its appeal.

Ford, however, has become more attractive to 29 percent of consumers and less alluring to only 6 percent.

"The competitive landscape it leaves in its wake will likely be very different than the one we knew just two short months ago," stated Allan Vivian, vice president at Decision Analyst.

"Ford is still riding a sweet wave of positive sentiment about its refusal to take government funds, its financial turnaround (which is still in progress) and its appealing product offerings," he continued.

But the positive vibes for domestics don't end with Ford. The appeal of Chevrolet, for example, has increased for 12 percent of shoppers, while only decreasing for 6 percent.

"Chevrolet is also registering at higher levels of appeal than most other brands," Vivian shared. "Of the three domestic brands, only Chrysler has not increased its appeal in a meaningful way. This could mean that more U.S. car buyers will now be ready to consider a domestic vehicle in the coming months"

The appeal of Chrysler, specifically, has climbed for 2 percent of respondents, while declining for 5 percent.

Honda has become more favorable among 9 percent of consumers and less attractive to 1 percent.

Meanwhile, Hyundai has gained the favor of 7 percent of respondents, while losing its appeal among 1 percent.

Four percent of shoppers apparently find Nissan more attractive, and 1 percent find it less attractive.

Finally, Volkswagen has increased its allure for 3 percent of consumers, while 1 percent of shoppers view it less favorably, according to the study.