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ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — Global online auto advertising has been on a steady incline in recent months, and this upswing is likely to surge forward even further in 2010, according to from Advanced Interactive Media Group.

After a global survey of 20 auto advertising industry executives, AIM Group discovered that 85 percent are projecting an improvement in online ad revenue in 2010. Meanwhile, only one of the 20 respondents is forecasting a continued drop-off.

The report also indicated that several executives are expecting to see "significantly better" advertising in 2010. Moreover, a few even said they saw a rebound start in the middle of last year.

"Our research shows that a substantial recovery is under way in auto advertising, but that it varies widely by market," shared Peter Zollman, founding principal of the AIM Group and publisher of Classified Intelligence Report.

"Most of the growth that's likely in 2010 will be online, with declines likely to continue in print advertising, especially listings," Zollman added.

The "Revving up: Online Auto Ads Rebounding Globally" report — part of a series of yearly reports that AIM Group puts out — features data from auto advertising markets throughout various parts of the world. These markets include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the U.K.

Officials noted that it published the information in conjunction with Autobiz, which is a Paris-based classified ad data analysis company. 

Additionally, the report features a "Ten things you must do to improve your revenue" section to help auto advertising publishers.

Some of the executives who took part in the research were: Chip Perry, president and chief executive of AutoTrader.com in the U.S.; Genevieve LeBrun of Trader Corp./AutoTrader in Canada; Nikolas Deskovic of AutoScout24 in Germany; Stephen Browning of CarsGuide.com (News Ltd.) in Australia; and Tim Peake of Trader Media Group in the U.K.

Sites in Italy, India, Finland, Australia and China were also represented.

The report can be accessed for at AIMGroup.com for a cost of $495. Also, a free executive summary can also be viewed on the Web site.

"After such a dismal year in 2009, it's terrific to see optimism returning to the automotive-advertising marketplace," shared Jim Townsend, editorial director of the AIM Group. "There's a lot of work to be done, but dealers are increasing their spending and smart publishers can make sure they get their full share of growth this year."