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FINDLAY, Ohio — While acknowledging the downward sales impact Toyota's recalls have caused for the automaker, a Corporate Research International survey suggests that the attitudes vehicle owners have for the brand haven't changed as much as those of consumers who own cars from other brands.

In essence, Toyota owners largely appear to be remaining loyal in the midst of the recall storm.

Specifically, CRI found that among the Toyota owners responding to the survey, just 6.5 percent claimed they won't buy another Toyota due to the recalls.

Meanwhile, other vehicle brand owners had much higher numbers of Toyota avoidance. For instance, over half of Subaru owners said because of the recalls, they will steer clear of Toyotas.

What's more, CRI suggested that Toyota intenders are, for the most part, still interested in purchasing a Toyota.

More specifically, looking at the group of shoppers intending to buy a vehicle in the next five years, CRI said almost two-thirds (66.4 percent) of those seriously considering a Toyota claimed they still expect to buy one, even though there have been recalls.

Meanwhile, 21.7 percent of the shoppers looking at Chrysler models said they would still be open to considering a Toyota, and 13.4 percent of shoppers interested in General Motors and 18.3 percent of shoppers looking at Ford said the same.

"Toyota has spent years building loyal customers," said Mike Mallett, chief executive officer of Corporate Research International. "This is a true testament to the power of customer attachment and the importance of building good relationships with consumers so when trouble hits, your customers stand by you."