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CHERRY HILL, N.J. — Subaru of America is reaching out to help provide abandoned and neglected animals with loving families to care for them.

The automaker is sponsoring Pilots N Paws, a charitable group of general aviation pilots who team with rescue volunteers and shelters, and fly these in-need animals to homes where they can find safety and love.

"As more than half of our owners have a pet, it makes sense for us to support animal-friendly organizations such as Pilots N Paws," commented Todd Lawrence, promotions and sponsorship manager for Subaru of America.

"We are excited about this partnership which gives us the opportunity to help connect animals in need with owners looking to provide homes for these pets," he added.

Debi Boies, co-founder, Pilots N Paws, noted: "Pilots N Paws is honored to partner with Subaru and promote our passion of helping innocent animals in need by flying them from overcrowded areas, to areas with adoptive homes waiting.

"Subaru recognizes the important role that pets provide in our lives," Boies continued. "Together, we will continue to give these animals a second chance at finding a loving family."