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DALLAS — SuperMedia recently entered into a partnership with the Oodle Network to boost the online presence of its dealer-provided listing Web site EveryCarListed.com.

Executives explained the new agreement means dealer clients who push their inventory listings out through EveryCarListed.com can receive priority placement on the Oodle Network. They indicated that Oodle's connections reach social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace, as well as hundreds of other local media sites such as Walmart.com and Military.com.

Officials from the Oodle Network contend it draws more than 15 million unique users each month. They insist they reach that level by providing a "social" experience for users, enabling them to share and get trusted recommendations with their network of friends.

SuperMedia believes this new partnership enhances its services to more than 12,000 dealerships already on its client roll. The company thinks it leverages the capabilities of EveryCarListed.com along with a coordinating site, Superpages.com.

"This alliance with Oodle brings consumers throughout the country added convenience in finding used and new vehicles, and brings our clients expanded reach for their in-market automobile sales, services and parts," explained Scott Klein, chief executive officer of SuperMedia.

"With it, we continue fueling commerce through connecting buyers with sellers, especially those who use social networking sites as their preferred marketplace," Klein continued.

Site officials stated that EveryCarListed.com currently boasts more than 2 million dealership and private party vehicle listings. The listings also are featured through a tab at Superpages.com.

Craig Donato, chief executive officer of Oodle, shared his assessment of how these two Web companies can benefit each other as well as dealer clients.

"We're excited to feature EveryCarListed.com's high quality auto listings in our network," Donato stressed.

"Our users turn to Oodle to easily browse all the used car listings in their local areas — both listings posted by other consumers and those available by local car dealers," he added.