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HALLANDALE, Fla. — After making its U.S. debut in the Miami area in September, H. Grégoire, a Canadian used-car superstore company based out of Quebec, said it has made significant progress in its end-to-end service, which helps Canadians to buy vehicles in the U.S.

"Many Quebecers from all parts of the province are delighted to have access to an even larger inventory, and to have the option of buying a car in the United States," said Michelle Therrien, vice president of marketing for the company. "It is also clear that Quebecers are very proud to see a Quebec company make its mark abroad.

"As H. Grégoire offers customers the simplest option by handling everything pertaining to the transaction, travelers and permanent residents save up to 30 percent on the purchase, and benefit from our resources for handling all the details pertaining to upgrades, taxes, duty, registration and transportation of vehicles to Canada," she added.

Officials called the first store in Hallandale, Fla. — which is in the Miami area — a "very positive breakthrough." The company said it can help Quebec buyers benefit from buying South of the Border.

"Customer traffic is growing by leaps and bounds, with more and more Quebecers visiting the superstore each day," Therrien added. "Note that our U.S. clientele is also showing striking growth every week, substantially exceeding the company's objectives."