Car Wars is adding a timely element to its Mystery Shop Scorecard.

The provider of call-tracking and phone-handling systems for auto dealerships said its system now includes on-demand reporting to provide near real-time insights from its recorded phone calls.

Previously, Mystery Shop Scorecard data was made available through monthly reports, but after feedback from its users indicated highlighted the desire for more frequent reporting, Car Wars added on-demand reporting.

Mystery Shop Scorecard grades 100% of dealerships’ fresh phone ups, which the company said differs from traditional mystery shop services that charge dealers by the call, resulting in a limited sample size.

Car Wars said its Mystery Shop Scorecard uses specifically trained large language models to score every unique phone call opportunity. The system, the company said, allows dealers to access calls within minutes of call processing, review team performance at any point during the month, check team performance for the entire organization to create consistent standards, download data in various formats at any time, and filter and analyze data by specific date ranges to identify performance trends.

“At Car Wars, our top priority is to meet our clients’ needs through cutting-edge technology,” executive vice president of product planning and marketing Jackie Bowers said. “With the power of AI-driven insights, our on-demand reporting enables dealerships to make swift, data-driven decisions, enhancing phone performance and customer engagement, and ultimately driving their success.”