Dealer eProcess wants to take auto dealers to the top of the mountain.

The website and digital marketing agency hopes to do that with the launch of Everest, its new website platform for dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

Everest is designed to be an all-in-one solution to drive the highest conversions possible. It includes a suite of digital products and native conversion tools that the company said drives “faster performance, improved comprehensive reporting with sitewide data transparency and real-time personalization for all website visitors.”

Everest also gives dealers access to an artificial intelligence-powered platform featuring Sherpa, an AI engine designed to tailor each website interaction to the individual visitors to create unique experiences.

“We’ve created something not yet seen in the industry: smarter, data-driven website platform that learns and adapts to every shopper.” Dealer eProcess CEO Joe Gillespie said in a news release. “No logins for shoppers. No extra work for the dealers.

“As third-party cookies phase out, the importance of first-party data is skyrocketing. This incredible technology empowers dealerships to connect with their customers on a deeper level using first-party data, ultimately driving more conversions, increasing sales revenue and boosting customer satisfaction.”

The platform is designed to create a digital ID for each unique shopper that automatically stores preferences and website visit history without having to log in. Sherpa then interprets shopper data in the Digital ID, the company said, and makes real-time adjustments to the website’s front end to give visitors a tailored web experience suited to their specific interests.

Dealer eProcess said the personalization picks up where the shopper left off for every return visit and can extend to other sites within a dealer group.

Everest is designed to be a comprehensive retail platform for dealers to oversee and coordinate digital marketing, website, inventory management, digital retailing and more, the company said, adding that its data shows the platform increasing website first-visit leads by as much as 77%.