CRM provider DriveCentric is collaborating with inventory acquisition and management platform VINCUE to integrate VINCUE’s appraisal into the trade-in features of its platform.

The partnership is designed to allow dealers to pull appraisals from VINCUE into DriveCentric alongside the existing trade-in vehicle push feature. In a news release, the companies said the new “push and pull” functionality brings “unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to dealership operations.”

DriveCentric said the data insights pulled into its technology through the integration allows dealers to streamline their appraisal processes and make more informed decisions.

“By integrating pull functionality with VINCUE alongside our existing features, we continue to elevate the automotive retail experience, making it easier and more efficient for dealers to manage appraisals and focus on customer satisfaction,” DriveCentric director of product Drew Adler said.

“This collaboration provides seamless access to vital appraisal data,” VINCUE founder, CEO and chief technology officer Chris Hoke said, “reinforcing our dedication to offering comprehensive solutions that help dealers thrive in today’s competitive automotive market.”