FordDirect’s e-commerce platform has added another vendor to its roster.

One Step Secure IT, an outsourced IT company specializing in cybersecurity and protecting customer data from breaches, is the latest company to join The Shop, the e-commerce platform launched in January by FordDirect – a joint venture between Ford and Lincoln dealers and Ford Motor Company – to offer those dealers access to vetted vendors with pre-negotiated prices for products and services.

“One Step Secure IT will now help Ford dealers and Lincoln retailers spend more time doing what they do best while also supporting FordDirect’s mission as a trusted partner and resource to find the best vendors in the market for all of their needs,” FordDirect CEO Dean Stoneley said in a news release.

One Step Secure IT offers third-party risk assessments, outsourced IT and cyber services, outsourced vCISO services, cybersecurity services and consulting in IT and compliance.

The company said its technology is designed to empower organizations to mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats to minimize downtime and uphold customer trust.

“Our partnership with FordDirect’s The Shop reinforces One Step Secure IT’s dedication to enhancing cybersecurity and improving IT efficiency in the automotive industry,” founder and CEO Scott Kreisberg said. “Drawing on more than 30 years of expertise in empowering retailers to protect and grow their business through secure technological solutions, we’re shaping a future in which innovation and security work together.”