Two automotive technology companies are teaming up with the goal of elevating dealerships’ online presence.

Reynolds and Reynolds and DealerOn announced a partnership to integrate DealerOn’s sales and marketing enablement technology with Reynolds’ dealership software.

The companies said their development efforts will give dealers the opportunity to “enhance their holistic view of the consumer” through behavioral website data incorporated into a single customer record in the Reynolds Retail Management System, which includes DMS, CRM and virtual retailing.

In addition, dealers will be able to create “deeply personalized online experiences” with integration between Reynolds and the DealerOn Signals platform, they said, as the partnership seeks to help dealers drive more engagement, increase conversions and speed up time to decision through hyper-personalization.

“Through our partnership with Reynolds, we’re working to deliver a vehicle shopping experience like no other — one that adapts to individuals and their unique needs,” DealerOn co-founder and CEO Ali Amirrezvani said in a news release.

Reynolds president Chris Walsh cited DealerOn’s forward thinking as a driving force behind the partnership.

“We are always looking for innovative ideas and companies to work with that help propel our customers and the industry forward,” he said. “DealerOn is a next-generation company that is helping dealers succeed as our industry continues to evolve.”

Walsh said Reynolds has also named DealerOn as its preferred website provider.

“DealerOn does an incredible job helping dealers with their websites, online reputation, social media presence, SEO and many other digital marketing endeavors,” he said.