Solera is getting a lift from Uber.

The provider of vehicle lifecycle management software, data and services, announced an exclusive rideshare collaboration with Uber for Business through Solera’s RedCap platform.

RedCap’s shuttle service, powered by Uber for Business, not only provides rides for customers, it also offers access to parts delivery through Uber Direct.

Solera said in a news release the collaboration, which will be available to up to 5,500 dealerships nationwide, will improve the customer experience, optimize operational efficiency and set “a new standard for comprehensive transportation solutions in the automotive sector.”

Solera vice president of product strategy and UX Stephen Kelley said the partnership represents “a significant advancement in automotive transportation solutions.”

“By integrating Uber’s extensive rideshare and delivery capabilities with RedCap,” he said, “dealerships can greatly enhance the customer experience with expanded driver capacity and international expansion opportunities, optimize operational costs and streamline their service processes.

“That empowers dealerships to offer seamless transportation solutions, ensuring customers remain satisfied and loyal while driving operational efficiency and profitability.”

Solera said the integration allows dealerships to:

Elevate customer experiences: The company said 47% of car buyers think about changing their automotive brand after a company fails to deliver a relevant customer experience. The integration allows dealerships to offer seamless transportation solutions while customers are without a vehicle.

Deliver and receive parts on demand: With on-demand delivery via Uber Direct, Solera said, dealerships don’t have to wait hours for parts to arrive or find someone to make a run. RedCap’s Parts OnDemand product modernizes parts delivery without requiring additional trucks or personnel.

Optimize costs and increase revenue: According to RedCap’s research, shuttles can cost $4,000-$5,000 per month to run and maintain. Shuttle OnDemand allows dealerships to pay only for the rides and vouchers they use. RedCap’s data also showed customers in 2024 are spending 63% more at dealerships when they’re transported from the dealership to their home or work.

Enhance pickup and delivery: RedCap’s Driver Return, powered by Uber for Business is a driver-app embedded workflow that supports one-way or no-loaner pickup and delivery experiences, enabling pickup and delivery drivers to request a ride from Uber directly through RedCap’s DriverQ app to eliminating chase drivers and additional mileage, expense and depreciation on dealership vehicles.

Control spending and simplify reimbursement: Solera said dealership administrators have the option to set parameters around spend and usage, and service advisors can attach receipts to repair orders, which are often reimbursed by OEMs for warrantied vehicles.

Lower liability: Uber maintains auto insurance to help protect riders and drivers in the event of a covered accident.

“Customer service in this industry is paramount,” said Josh Butler, head of Uber for Business for the U.S. and Canada. “A big part of that is helping people get out of the shop and on with their day — off to family, work or appointments — as fast as possible. Uber for Business’ solutions add an additional layer of streamlined transportation and delivery tools for dealerships, and we’re excited to be expanding our footprint in this space.”