In a special panel Monday at the CPO Forum called “What It Takes to Be the Very Best,” top CPO dealers revealed some key insights into their thinking and tricks of the trade.

Representing Honda, BMW, Chevrolet and many more brands, here are a few top dealer thoughts:

—“If we’re going to sell pre-owned, we’re going to push CPO first.”

—“We continuously train, train.”

—“Our used-car customers are customers for life. One way we help drive this is through Tires for Life.”

—“My biggest request would be more leasing options from the captive. We can shorten the cycle, put these customers into a new car and add a CPO unit."

—“During the aftermath of the tsunami, Honda Financial was great. They increased what they would do for pre-owned, which made a big difference with new inventory shortage.”

—“We try to match our programs to the automaker programs.”

—“It is very crucial to get a CPO car from the service department to the front line in three to five days.”

—“All our CPO vehicles go online even before the service department is done. By pre-advertising the cars, we are finding out much more about our market. Even without a photo, we get calls on vehicles.”

—“It comes down to differential and communication when selling. The key is showing the differential. Why should you buy a car from me today? What makes this car special? What does this car have that is unique?”

—“We hire people who are nice and friendly. Would I let them babysit my kids? This is what we look for.”