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TOYOTA CITY, Japan — Toyota Motor Corp. announced late last week that it has initiated organizational and executive responsibility changes to shore up its quality issues stemming from ongoing recall turmoil.

The automaker has created a new design quality innovation division, which will reside under the technical innovation group. Toyota indicated that its decision alters its engineering data control and management division and its development and quality innovation department.

The OEM explained that the purpose of this new division is to "further improve design (drawing) quality by reviewing product development processes and more promptly reflecting customer feedback in designs."

Toyota noted this new division went into operation on May 1 and raises its company-wide division total by one to 255.

Overseeing the design quality innovation division as managing officer is Kiyotaka Ise. The automaker revealed Ise will serve in this role as well as continue with his previous responsibilities. Those tasks included managing officer of the sports vehicle management division, the product development management division as well as general manager of the Lexus development center.