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ERLANGER, Ky. — Toyota revealed Wednesday that it has made several changes at its North American plants to give them more "local leadership."

"These changes allow us to move faster and more efficiently in key decision-making," explained Tetsuo Agata, president of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America.

"This is a natural progression for a global company, and I am pleased we are designating more responsibility to a seasoned group of Toyota veterans," Agata added.

If these appointments gain the approval of Toyota Motor Corp.'s board approval today, the following moves become effective July 1:

—Ray Tanguay, the current president of the Ontario plant, has been named that plant's chairman.

—Steve St. Angelo, the president of the Kentucky and Mississippi plants, becomes chairman of the Kentucky plant. Then Aug. 1, he will take that same role at the Mississippi plant.

—Brian Krinock becomes president of the Ontario plant.

—Wil James will take on the role as president of the Kentucky plant.

—Starting Aug. 1, serving as president of the Mississippi plant will be Masafumi Hamaguchi.

—Norm Bafunno will take over as president of the Indiana plant.

—Chris Nielsen becomes president of the Texas plant.

—Karl Kusturok is named vice president of production engineering at TEMA.

—Phil Rodi will take on the role of vice president of manufacturing in Ontario.

Officials further noted that as Bafunno and Nielsen assume their respective presidential roles in Indiana and Texas, they are taking over for Japanese presidents.