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TORRANCE, Calif. —  The troubles continue to mount for Toyota. Responding to reports out of Japan that parent company Toyota Motor Corp. will pull certain Lexus LS models across the world due to steering system issues, Toyota North America released a statement Wednesday saying a U.S. recall of the vehicle has been planned for Friday.

This move would be the latest in a long series of recall-related headaches for the automaker, which has dealt with a steady stream of such issues since February.

"Toyota North America is aware that certain 2010 Lexus LS sedans equipped with optional Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) may exhibit a temporary steering wheel off-center condition, under a specific driving maneuver," officials explained. "Based on our discussions with TMC, preparations are being made to file a recall in the United States on Friday, May 21."

Reports indicate that the worldwide recall for the affected models will total 11,500 vehicles. Of that total, about 3,800 are expected to be U.S. vehicles, one report said.

They added: "The VGRS may exhibit a temporary steering wheel off-center condition of up to 90 degrees after driving quickly from a very tight turn where the steering was at the end of its travel (full lock position — left or right). 

"VGRS automatically corrects the steering wheel off-center condition as the vehicle is driven within approximately one to three seconds. The driver may notice this condition as the steering wheel slowly moves to the center position while driving straight during the VGRS correction," officials concluded.