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SANTA MONICA, Calif. — An agreement reached late last week integrates TrueCar's new-vehicle information into HomeNet Automotive's online inventory marketing solution.

Company officials explained that the partnership also means HomeNet will insert TrueCar pricing tools and window brochure functionality into its flagship solution. That's HomeNet's Inventory Online Internet Marketing Suite.

As the partnership evolves, TrueCar and HomeNet hope to add more advanced analytical tools that combine inventory, transaction and production data to the solution. The companies also are looking for ways to explore means through which solution users can reach TrueCar's audience of in-market buyers.

HomeNet also mentioned that users of its solution already now have access to TrueCar's data.

"Our pricing tools will help IOL users to price their new car inventory based on real market conditions, including what area dealers charged for a similar vehicle in the last 30 days," noted Scott Painter, chief executive officer of TrueCar.

"We are excited to team up with HomeNet to bring dealers that level of market intelligence. The better dealers know how to buy and sell inventory, the better their competitive advantage," Painter added.

Andy McBride, vice president of business development at HomeNet, also praised the partnership as a benefit to his company's clients.

"HomeNet's IOL platform continues to grow in user base, and we are again expanding our product suite to help our dealers sell more cars," McBride pointed out.

"TrueCar's pricing data and analytical tools are impressive — a must-have for the savvy car dealer," he concluded.