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ATLANTA — For the first time, late-model, pre-owned Subaru vehicles remarketed by Subaru of America now are available at a pair of Manheim auctions on the West Coast.

The two additional locations are Manheim Seattle and Manheim San Francisco Bay. Company officials stressed that now franchised Subaru dealers can choose from a total of nine Manheim locations to find that brand to fill their inventory.

Furthermore, Manheim stressed to Subaru dealers that they can now take advantage of the company's in-lane and online channels, as well as access to special sales event opportunities, such as Manheim Monday.

"Manheim is dedicated to every partner's success," explained Nick Peluso, Manheim's senior vice president of customer management.

"Our team takes pride in delivering high-impact in-lane and online sales for customers; we are excited to be given the opportunity to help Subaru of America maximize business results," Peluso added.

Manheim also reminded all dealers that they can preview available Subaru inventory via its bid or buy-now solution on OVE.com. For more information, dealers can contact site support at (866) 423-5678.