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DETROIT — For just the second time since the award began in 1984, two auctions have been honored as the General Motors Auction of the Year.

Receiving this year's recognition were ADESA Indianapolis and Manheim Nashville, GM announced recently.

"This award emphasizes the essential role auctions play in the sale of our vehicles and servicing the dealers," stated Dan Kennedy, national sales manager for GM Remarketing. "Both ADESA Indianapolis and Manheim Nashville serve as examples for providing quality products and an excellence of service to our customers. 

"They serve as role models to other GM Sponsored Auctions striving to improve their efforts in reconditioning and the repair of GM's used vehicles and meeting our dealer's expectations and needs," he added.

Explaining the award, officials noted that each year GM honors the location among its auction partners with the strongest performance. The winning auction is spotlighted for excellence in reconditioning, completing vehicle repairs, and the presentation of GM used vehicles to the dealers, as well as offering the "very best" customer service at the same time.

This year's winners' bested a field of 40 GM sponsored auctions.

"We are very pleased to be recognized by General Motors for our performance," stated Dave Emerson, general manager of ADESA Indianapolis.

"We have a long relationship together and view this honor as a joint accomplishment made possible by the hard working team in Indy," he continued. "Our dealers truly make us successful and we appreciate their support of ADESA Indianapolis."

Sam Chaple, general manager of Manheim Nashville, noted: "We are thrilled and truly honored to have received this award. It takes strong relationships and a team of dedicated individuals to deliver outstanding results; this has been our collective formula for success with General Motors.

"We take pride in offering our customers a great product, outstanding customer service and in always treating each other with fairness and respect," he concluded.