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TORONTO, Ontario — Pay extra careful attention to your advertising these days to ensure it is compliant, the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario warned this week.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council is cracking down on violations of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act's advertising requirements, as 75 dealers have been issued summons to appear in court on advertising-related charges.

These dealers have been levied with charges relating to:

—Failing to include all fees, such as administration fees, in advertised prices.

—Failing to identify past daily rentals that have not previously been owned by a non-dealer.

—Failing to include required information, such as "taxes extra," in a "clear, comprehensible and prominent manner."

"Dealers should review all advertising and ensure that it complies with the regulations. Reference to any extra fees, other than licensing, should be removed," UCDA urged. "Ads must also be clear that taxes are not included in the advertised price (unless they are included)."

Apparently, OMVIC's charges — at least this "initial round" — have been centered on print advertising in the Auto Trader magazines.

"We anticipate that OMVIC will expand its review of ads to all Web advertising, including dealers' Web sites and online auto search sites such as Auto Trader, Carpages, etc.," officials point out.

"If your online Auto Trader ads, especially a Smart Site, contain the term 'Tax, title and any other fees are extra,' contact your rep as soon as possible to have the ad changed," they added.

Dealers are urged to call the association if they have questions or visit www.ucda.org and view a video explaining MVDA ad stipulations as well as other areas of the new law.