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TORONTO, Ontario — Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario members can now easily reach a wider array of shoppers thanks to a vehicle search site via www.ucda.ca introduced earlier this week.

The search site was launched in conjunction with UCDA's new ad campaign, which helps member dealers by encouraging shoppers to buy from dealers who show UCDA's "Buy With Confidence" decal and pointing them to the UCDA Web site.

"This is a very exciting opportunity for our members," shared Bob Beattie, executive director of UCDA.

While visiting ucda.ca, shoppers can learn about the association's Code of Ethics and how to steer clear of curbsiders. They are also shown why buying from a UCDA member can be beneficial.

Furthermore, the UCDA site allows shoppers to go directly to the search site, where they can check out UCDA member-exclusive vehicle listings.

UCDA says that more than 550 of its members have posted their listings — which include more than 25,000 units — to the site.

Photos, vehicle descriptions, "all-in" pricing information and dealer contact info are included with the listings.

The search site is powered by Carpages.ca, officials noted.

"For UCDA members, the site potentially doubles their exposure to buyers," explained Bob Pierce, director of member services for UCDA. "If the member currently advertises on Carpages.ca, they are automatically included on UCDA's members-only site."

Officials noted that since Carpages.ca and UCDA began partnering in 2008, it has become an "affordable, viable" avenue for dealer members to post their vehicles online.

Dealers can take their inventories from such third-party sites as BOOST and ASL, among others, and load it on to Carpages.ca.

UCDA explained that if dealers already have their listings in a digital format, Carpages.ca likely be able to use them without having to make adjustments.

"UCDA members will see the new site, in conjunction with the ad campaign, as a real benefit to their advertising and we expect that non-member dealers will see this as a strong incentive to become a UCDA member," Pierce concluded.