Auto transport provider USAL is restructuring its logistics and brokerage business.

In a news release, the company said its “newly solidified” team is “poised to serve vertical markets in both commercial and carrier development,” and said the restructuring “signals the company’s growing presence in the vehicle remarketing and brokerage industries.”

“Our robust growth over the past year has put us in a fortunate position to add resources toward a more formal structure,” USAL Solutions president Doug Bennett said in a news release. “We are very excited to have assembled a team of bright-minded and thoughtful professionals who are positioned to capitalize on our recent successes and continue to grow the business well into the future.”

In the new structure, senior manager of commercial development Darin Deege will oversee USAL’s revenue streams, customer relations, contract negotiations and marketing.

Deege comes into that role with more than 25 years of experience in strategic sourcing, carrier operations and omnichannel automotive marketing, including operational and leadership positions with USAL and automotive marketing company GSM.

Kevin Williams, who joined USAL last summer after serving as national sales director for RPM North America, has been named senior manager of carrier development, He will lead all aspects of growing USAL’s team of certified third-party carriers.

The company said Renee Bufford and Brandy Watson will continue as managers of carrier operations, focusing on the day-to-day support of USAL’s contracted carriers through compliance, onboarding, and dispatch planning. They’ll be joined by in that capacity by Mark Holland, who joined USAL in December.

Senior manager of business intelligence Duane Balentine remains to shape USAL’s technology architecture, and recent Wellesley College graduate Anastacia Castro joined the team as a business intelligence analyst in July following two internships. She will focus on data mining and work on USAL’s artificial intelligence initiatives.