UVeye is ready to go big.

The developer of automated drive-through inspection systems for vehicles has joined with sustainable technology provider Hypertec in a strategic partnership to drive mass production of UVeye’s products.

The collaboration is designed to ramp up production of UVeye’s computer vision/artificial intelligence-powered systems in response to growing demand from the auto industry, including car dealerships, auctions and fleets.

Among UVeye’s partners are General Motors, Volvo Cars, CarMax and most recently Amazon, which has partnered with the company to provide its automated vehicle inspection system at hundreds of locations for Amazon Prime last-mile delivery operations in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Germany.

UVeye and Hypertec said they will work “in synergy” to manufacture and distribute UVeye’s three main drive-through inspection systems.

— Helios: An underbody scanner designed to detect frame damage, missing parts, fluid leaks and brake and exhaust system problems, among other issues.

— Artemis: A tire quality inspection system designed to identify tire brand, technical specifications, air pressure, tread depth, sidewall damage, tire mismatches and alignment issues within seconds.

— Atlas and Atlas Lite: UVeye’s 360-degree vehicle exterior detection system, designed to automatically detect damage such as scratches, dents and imperfections. The system examines sheet metal and external body components like bumpers, door locks, grilles and windows.

Production will take place at Hypertec’s facilities in Plainfield, Ind., and Montreal. A joint team of UVeye and Hypertec engineering and technical experts will be formed for installation, servicing and customer training for the new systems.

“Our drive-through inspection systems have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, detecting 96% of existing vehicle problems within seconds, in contrast to less than 25% accuracy for traditional manual checks,” UVeye co-founder and CEO Amir Hever said.

“The demand for our technology has grown exponentially since its debut in North America at CES 2020, with hundreds of car dealerships, auction houses and fleets eagerly awaiting our increase in production. We are confident that partnering with Hypertec will propel us to the next level.”

Hypertec president of hardware technology solutions Simon Ahdoot said the companies are a perfect fit for each other.

“As a company committed to engineering excellence and operational prowess, we believe we are the ideal partner for UVeye,” he said. “Our longstanding track record of large-scale manufacturing for innovative technology rollouts aligns perfectly with UVeye’s mission to deploy groundbreaking automotive solutions.”