I thought I would diverge from my normal discussions this month as a result of a recent customer forum hosted by ShipCarsNow.

First, let me say that the graciousness of the management of ShipCarsNow and the incredible attention to detail of the staff could create standards for any industry conferences going forward.

With that said, this conference was a cross-section of OEM remarketers, data service companies and logistics and transportation experts along with auction veterans. 

Our discussions covered a broad range of historical, current and future challenges and opportunities with very little disagreement on what those areas actually initialed.

The interesting dynamic in this event was the willingness of all the participants to listen to and understand that all the pieces represented had a symbiotic relationship and success for all was truly the success for each individual piece of the remarketing puzzle.

Equally important were the discussions surrounding interpersonal relationships in all segments of the remarketing chain, as our near-cult following to net-based services tends to lead us into a myopic vision of what we think our customers want and need. 

Clearly, issues like recalls, data streams, analytics and logistics affect all of us, but more importantly, our goal is to create, based on legal and company dynamics, a transparent transaction to ensure our end users value and appreciate the product we deliver and the stream we deliver it in.

Forums like this one allow us to discuss, build personal relationships and look at systems to create just that: transactions in the used wholesale vehicle space that give our customer base all the information they need to consistently purchase and resell vehicles, increase their profitability and their churn, then returning to whichever channel they choose to purchase their next one, either upstream, downstream, in-lane or online.

To all of you attending with me — and you know who you are — my sincerest thanks for your insight and for your partnership in moving this essential industry forward.


Jim DesRochers is vice president at Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest.