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ORLANDO, Fla. — vAuto has rolled out a new price validation and delivery system that can help dealers show consumers that their prices on specific used units are fair in comparison to their competitors' prices.

By utilizing RealDeal, dealers can quote prices and also provide detailed documentation on the price and attributes of models from their competition.

Officials emphasized that when dealers offer proof that their prices are competitive, it can help them reduce the need for negotiation with shoppers, boost margins, close more deals and show an increase in customer satisfaction.

Essentially, dealers can not only promote themselves as having prices that are competitive with or even better than their competition's, but also back it up.

"Documentation is the new negotiation when it comes to used car sales," stated Dale Pollak, vAuto's chairman and founder.

"RealDeal gives dealers a powerful way to prove their pricing to shoppers, and when shoppers feel confident with their price, more deals are closed," Pollak noted. "It is an innovation that will profoundly change the way used vehicles are sold across the country."

RealDeal — which is available to users of vAuto's Live Market suite of tools — lets dealers tailor their price checks by numerous criteria, including geographical distance, make, model, color, mileage, specific equipment, and trim.

Then, dealers provide RealDeal to customers in through such avenues as guided Web tutorials, printable reports, and in online advertising.

"RealDeal offers great value for every potential customer who walks, calls, or e-mails into our dealership," shared Bill Pearson of Finish Line Ford. "The service brings a new level of transparency to our competitive pricing and offers us multiple ways to communicate and defend the great prices on all our cars."