vAuto has introduced Vehicle Intelligence 360, a new artificial intelligence-powered merchandising tool designed to automatically create interactive VDPs that enable shoppers to discover the unique value of each used vehicle with no effort required from the dealer.

“Vehicle Intelligence 360 is a great example of how vAuto is yet again using technology to do the heavy lifting for dealers,” said Derek Hansen, vice president of operations for Cox Automotive’s inventory management solutions group, “creating connections that not only make their operations more efficient, but most important, help them maximize returns on every vehicle.

“Dealers now have an effortless way to stand out against the competition, win more online shopping decisions and ultimately increase their profitability.”

vAuto’s parent company Cox Automotive called Vehicle Intelligence 360 “an easy button to better merchandising” that enables dealers to generate a “superior VDP experience” without having to change their current processes.

The system is designed to automatically create a comprehensive story for each vehicle, highlighting the features shoppers value most, as well as the most important vehicle condition information, to make it easy for them to discover what makes a vehicle worth its asking price.

Vehicle Intelligence 360’s AI scans a dealer’s inventory and uses insights from Cox Automotive platforms – including vAuto, Kelley Blue Book, Xtime and more – to create a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s highlights. It then layers that information with an interactive 360-degree spin, using captured spins or photos to generate a spin, and automatically publishes it to the dealer’s website and to Autotrader and

Cox said Vehicle Intelligence 360 integrates with Xtime and vAuto to automatically identify and promote high-value reconditioning items, and generates story cards featuring content from Kelley Blue Book to explain a vehicle’s features, functions and value.