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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — CarsArrive Network, the transportation solution company owned by OPENLANE, recently announced it is now the sole service provider for Volkswagen Credit.

The agreement also includes the transport of units from Audi Financial Services for all vehicles being moved to physical auctions. Officials said the arrangement started back on Feb. 15 and enhancements will be rolled out as needed.

OPENLANE highlighted that this new partnership extends the longstanding relationship with Volkswagen Credit. CarsArrive Network already handled the delivery of more than 20,000 vehicles annually for dealers with an average transportation distance of more than 700 miles and an average cycle time of five days. For inbound auction moves, CarsArrive Network claimed it delivered Volkswagen Credit an average transport cycle time of 3.7 days. 

Officials also highlighted that their system enables Volkswagen Credit dealers to have immediate access to several features. Among them were vehicle tracking and visibility, arrival times, real-time analytics, forecasts for estimated pick-ups and load history on each vehicle using a VIN search available through Dealer Dashboard.

"VCI selecting us as its sole transportation solution is a true testament to the power of our transportation management system and the value we bring through this service," noted Michael Briggs, vice president of transportation for OPENLANE and founder of CarsArrive.

"By partnering with VCI and being responsible for managing the transport of all Volkswagen Credit and Audi Financial Services cars, we are further expanding our business and validating our position as a leading transport solution," Briggs added.

Rich Howse, director of remarketing for auction and KET at Volkswagen Credit, also shared his stance about the expanded partnership with OPENLANE and its CarsArrive Network.

"OPENLANE and CarsArrive have been valued partners to us and have provided us with superior service, quality and technology innovation," Howse pointed out.

"By utilizing all that CarsArrive has to offer we are getting complete visibility throughout the transportation process for ourselves and our dealers, and that is extremely important to us," Howse added.