Along with mentioning interesting movements among four specific vehicle segments, Black Book noticed the auction conversion rate increased again, even while some sales didn’t happen because of Fourth of July.

Black Book reported on Tuesday that car prices dropped for the sixth consecutive week, and truck values declined for the seventh week in a row. No matter, analysts said the auction conversion rate increased to 58%, which was a 1% rise from the previous week.

All told, wholesale values decreased 0.47%, according to the newest installment of Market Insights.

“Last week, we celebrated the July 4th holiday,” Black Book said in the report. “I hope everyone did get to spend quality time with family and friends and made the most of the long weekend. The market has been facing a persistent decline in both the car and truck segments. This consistent downturn highlights ongoing challenges in the automotive sector.”

During the last week of June, Black Book noted wholesale values gave back 0.51%, which is 16 basis points more than the averages during the same time spans in 2017 through 2019.

On a volume-weighted basis, analysts indicated overall car segment values decreased 0.62% last week with all nine car segments dropping.

Fueling that decline were compact cars, which dropped by 1.09%. Black Book pointed out that’s the largest single week decline for the segment since the middle of December.

Also of note, Black Book mentioned prices for 8- to 16-year-old sporty cars dipped for the first time since the first week of March.

In the truck department, Black Book reported overall truck values on a volume-weighted basis decreased 0.42%.

What automakers are doing with new full-size trucks is currently influencing what’s happening to late models in the lanes. Here’s what Black Book is seeing.

“Increasing incentives on full-size trucks are putting pressure on newer used models (0-2 years old), causing the segment to report declines of 0.68% for two consecutive weeks,” Black Book said. “This marks a significant increase in depreciation compared to three weeks ago, which saw a decline of 0.36%.

“In sharp contrast to the full-size trucks, the 0- to 2-year-old small pickup segment increased last week, up 0.40%,” analysts added.

Meanwhile, pacing the value declines among all 13 truck segments were subcompact luxury SUVs, which slid by 0.95%, according to Black Book tracking.