Black Book watched overall wholesale values move higher for the second week in a row, as prices increased 0.13%.

And older vehicles — units 8 to 16 years old — climbed a bit more than the industry-wide reading, with values rising by 0.15%. The developments are all part of the auction scene described by Black Book in its newest installment of Market Insights released on Tuesday.

“Market conditions are reflecting a positive trend and a shift back to traditional patterns in areas such as vehicle valuations, auction attendance, the supply of inventory, and auction conversion rates,” analysts said in the report.

On a volume-weighted basis, Black Book indicated overall car values increased 0.10%, with five of nine segments rising.

Pacing the price gains were compact cars, as analysts watched their value increase for the 11th consecutive week. The latest rise was 0.28%, pushing the average weekly value uptick to 0.18% during that stretch, according to Black Book tracking.

Perhaps again showing the eventual car buyer is looking to make a modest purchase, Black Book pointed out that the prestige luxury, luxury and premium sporty car segments continued their downward trends, with decreases of 0.19%, 0.13% and 0.08%, respectively.

However, the near luxury car segment bucked the negative pattern with a slight increase of 0.05%. Analysts noted it was the first uptick for that specific car segment since last May.

Among trucks, Black Book’s volume-weighted information showed an overall value increase of 0.24% for trucks last week. That’s the same uptick analysts spotted a week earlier.

Black Book said 11 of the 13 truck segments generated value increases last week, with small pickups leading the way with a jump of 0.54%.

Analysts mentioned prices for small pickups have risen for five consecutive weeks, compiling an average weekly increase of 0.28%.

Values for full-size pickups aren’t rising at that rate, as the second straight week of value upticks for those units was just 0.02%.

Softening in the truck department are full-size luxury crossover/SUVs. Black Book said prices for these units dropped 0.59% last week after declining 0.40% a week earlier.

With the month and the quarter closing on Sunday, Black Book shared its expectations for how the rest of the spring market might behave.

“The overall automotive auction market is showing signs of improvement, with conversion rates going up and a slight rise in auction inventory nationwide,” analysts said. “The car and truck segments have experienced an uptick in value for the first time this year, with continued positive growth in subsequent weeks, suggesting a gradual but steady increase in vehicle prices.

“However, it’s worth noting that not all segments are experiencing this positive trend,” Black Book continued. “The luxury and prestige luxury car segments, as well as full-size luxury SUVs, have seen a decline during this same period. Nonetheless, the general momentum of market values is moving upward, indicating a strengthening market and a forecast for ongoing positive movement in the weeks ahead.

“As always, our team of analysts are focused on keeping their eyes on the market, watching for developing trends and gathering insights,” Black Book went on to say.