Auto Remarketing is recognizing the 2023 Women in Remarketing honorees in the April edition of the magazine and will be posting Q&As with each of these outstanding leaders on the website.

Next up is Jenai Bass of Capital One.

What is the top trend you’re watching in remarketing/wholesale automotive this year?

Now more than ever, I see a focus on pricing strategies that are able to quickly adapt and change to reflect current market conditions.

It’s interesting to see the increase in factors and scale of data that is being utilized in different segments of the market. The influence of data science is extremely valuable, as the industry tries to assess the different drivers, in order to become more proactive and less reactive. I’m happy to work for a company like Capital One, where our collaborative environment fosters an ability to discuss and account for any pricing fluctuations we encounter.

What do you enjoy the most about the remarketing business, and what would you change?

Without a doubt, I enjoy the relationships with peers, auction partners, dealers and my leadership team the most about the remarketing business. I wouldn’t change a thing. My peers, particularly the group of us who started at the same time, are such a key component of my love for the industry. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and are supportive in times of need.

Describe a time you were either a mentor or a mentee and the value you found in the experience.

As a mentee, when I first came into the industry, my mentor reiterated the idea of treating everyone with respect. This is an important principle to me, regardless of a person’s position or status, and it was reassuring to hear this same principle from my mentor. It’s the foundation to any successful relationship, and this is a relationship industry. Respect helps build a foundation and also promotes an environment of accountability. This is the type of environment where we can hold each other accountable and work towards creating something great. Maintaining a level of respect is essential to me, in my personal and professional life, and I’m happy to have had a mentor who believed the same.