Auto Remarketing is recognizing the 2023 Women in Remarketing honorees in the April edition of the magazine and will be posting Q&As with each of these outstanding leaders on the website.

Next up is Tiffani Hall, director of remarketing operations at Primeritus Financial Services.

What is the top trend you’re watching in remarketing/wholesale automotive this year?

The wholesale used-car prices as well as watching the used-car purchase habits. We have been faced with many challenges over thelast  several years impacting the used-cars sales. We have seen transportation challenges, parts shortages, higher than normal interest rates, and rising operating expenses caused by infl ation and rising gas prices. You never know what each week will bring. It’s something that our company continues to analyze and learn what we can through market data to best advise our clients of best remarketing strategies.

Also, it will be interesting to see how the electric vehicles will shape the future over the next decade. It’s the hot topic of conversation as many businesses plan and anticipate growth in the new and used EV remarketing space.

This will be continue to be a big change that will impact and shape many businesses across the industry. It’s exciting to see and be part of a change.

What do you enjoy the most about the remarketing business, and what would you change?

I started in this industry 15-plus years ago. I have seen a lot of growth in technology as times change and the challenges in the industry have pushed businesses away from the traditional buying and selling models for vehicle sales.

Businesses have had to come together and strategize on best remarketing strategies to face challenging times over the last few years. Innovative technology solutions have grown at a rapid pace.

I quickly learned that this business is constantly evolving with the evolutionary changes in the industry. The auto remarketing space has been challenged over the last few years. It’s intriguing to see and work so closely together with businesses all across the industry to learn from one another, collaborate and create innovative solutions. It’s great to see everyone work closer together in such challenging times. It’s interesting to see how far this industry has come over the last 10 years. I’m positive and excited to see what the future of this industry will bring.

What piece of career advice would you have for someone new to the industry?

Study the business, the market trends and supply-and-demand. Form great strong partnerships. Be flexible, be open to new perspectives, be willing to try new things, be open to change and never lose sight of the people aspect.

There is a lot to learn in this industry and you never stop learning. Be willing to absorb as much industry knowledge as you can and be positive and proactive. Have fun and keep pushing forward!

Describe a time you were either a mentor or a mentee and the value you found in the experience.

I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the most influential leaders in this industry. They have passed on a wealth of business and industry knowledge. They have helped shape me into the leader that I am today.

I’m passionate about developing others by identifying opportunities to help others succeed in this industry. Some of my proudest moments have been to see them succeed and grow not just professionally but personally as well.