ARTS Webinar: Improving Your Used Car Operations

Presenter: Bill Reidy, Director of Sales

Get Past “The Golden Gut” in Used Vehicles


More dealers are dumping the traditional “golden gut” approach to used vehicle decision-making. Instead, they’re relying on real-time market data to know the exact used vehicles and price points that will resonate best with today’s buyers. vAuto’s Bill Reidy reveals how customer data streams from online classified sites and search engines help dealers increase used vehicle sales and profits—and make fewer costly mistakes. Discover how dealers mine real-time customer data feeds to determine a retail-first game plan for every car that protects and preserves its profit potential from acquisition to the sales desk. Take-home bonus: Reidy shares three market data-driven performance benchmarks top dealers use to efficiently acquire the “right” cars at the “right” prices every time.


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Date: August 21, 2012        Time: 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. EST

About the ARTS Webinar
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