Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction

President: Don DeVries
General Manager: Daryl DeVries
Operations Manager: Cheryl O’Brien
Fleet/Lease Manager: Tom Wright
Sales Dates & Times: 
At Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction we have one of the largest selections of automobiles available throughout the midwest. Our Professional Management Team and Administrative Staff is what sets us apart from other auto auctions. I will never forget what one loyal dealer told me that has kept him coming back to Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction for more than two decades, “It's simple,” he said, “Everybody knows my name, and this auction knows the car business better than any of ‘em.” Similar compliments over the years have led me to the conclusion that it's not enough to be the best auction, but also the fairest and friendliest place in the country to buy and sell vehicles.  - Don DeVries, President

·         5000 Registered and Active Dealers (Franchised & Independent)
·         900-1000 Vehicles Run Weekly 
·         An Impressive 62% Sold Weekly
·         Over 35 Lease and Repo Companies Represented
·         Over 35 Years in Business-Independently Owned and Operated
·         Recipient of over a dozen prestigious Fleet/Lease & Institutional Awards from: ARI, Emkay, GE, Lease Plan, Wheels. 
·         300 Years Combined Experience in the Automotive Industry


Additional National Consignors:  ARI, LeasePlan, Leasing Assoc, Nationwide & Union Leasing