NADA UCG Webinar: Appraising Vehicles for Gen-Y Customers


On Tuesday, Stu Zalud discussed in a webinar items to help dealers improve their customer’s trade-in experience, by having a good, clear appraisal process. The Gen Y customer will account for 40 percent of the car buying population by 2012. Their mindset is changing the scope of the used car trade-in process. This process heavily influences whether a customer will buy a new car from a dealer. Starting with a transparent trade-in process, based on current market conditions, goes a long way to ensuring satisfied customers and stronger dealer profits.

The items that were discussed included:

Stu Zalud brings a dealer-focused perspective and insight to his role as director of dealer services for NADA Used Car Guide. He is responsible for presenting at industry events and contributing to the development of products and services to meet changing dealer needs.

Zalud’s previous experience includes over 30 years as a GM dealer in Cleveland, Ohio and Hilton Head, S.C. Additionally, he served on various NADA Boards and as chairperson of both the Greater Cleveland and Ohio Automobile Dealers Associations. He also served a 5-year term as a member of Ohio’s Dealer Licensing Division.