8 OEMs off to strongest CPO starts in 2017


A deeper look into the latest certified pre-owned vehicle sales information compiled by Autodata Corp. showed eight automakers that often generate some of the largest CPO volume are off to strong starts again in 2017.

Of those eight OEMs, each one has posted year-to-date CPO sales gains of at least 8 percent. Leading the charge in terms of an increase in actual units is BMW, which has turned 21,462 certified units in two months, according to Autodata. That figure represents a 27.3-percent lift year-over-year.

The other OEMs that are enjoying productive beginnings of their CPO sales year include:

—Acura: 7,298 units, up 31.4 percent

—Cadillac: 6,566 units, up 45.3 percent

—Honda: 38,639 units, up 8.8 percent

—Infiniti: 5,389 units, up 25.1 percent

—Kia: 11,940 units, up 22.1 percent

—Nissan: 30,622 units, up 8.5 percent

—Volvo: 2,814 units, up 21.0 percent

The single OEM with the highest CPO sales figure through the first two months of the year is Toyota. Autodata indicated the automaker turned 61,833 certified units in January and February.

Besides Honda and Nissan, the other two automakers to move at least 30,000 CPO units during the first two months of 2017 were Ford/Mercury (32,882) and Chevrolet (38,045).

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