ATAE Announces New Chairman for 2014

McLEAN, Va. - 

The Automotive Trade Association Executives, which represents 115 state and metro new-car and -truck dealer groups in the U.S. and Canada, has chosen a new chairman for 2014.

Elected to the position is James Appleton, who is also president of the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers.

“There has never been a moment in time when the ATAE role was more respected or more supported than it is today,” said Appleton, who was elected ATAE chairman at the group’s annual meeting last month during the NADA Convention and Expo in New Orleans.

The organization explained the ATAEs work together to respond to industry, legislative and regulatory challenges faced by new-car and -truck dealers.

“I’m really looking forward to working with (NADA chairman) Forrest McConnell, who has made it clear that he plans to continue and grow the ATAE role in NADA’s affairs,” said Appleton. “Last year, (NADA chairman) Dave Westcott and the NADA board worked hard to make certain that ATAE input was a part of every important decision.”

Before joining the NJCAR in 1997, Appleton was managing partner of the consulting firm Public Strategies/Impact LLC.

He previously served as deputy director of Intergovernmental Operations for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and was also a member of the New Jersey governor’s Washington, D.C. staff.

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