Carfax product head to host webinar on attracting buyer interest in online used-car inventory


Dealers can find out how to use techniques that are intended to help boost buyer interest in online used-car inventory in the next Carfax Insiders webinar that’s set to broadcast on Thursday at 2 p.m. (ET).

The company announced a relaunch of its free best practice webinar series for dealers that is designed to share valuable information and tips from Carfax dealer trainers and automotive experts in early April.

Following the company’s relaunch announcement, later that month, Carfax dealer trainers Darrell Sherwood and Bob Grill introduced the series to dealers with a discussion covering positioning and maximizing gross on used cars with prior accidents.

In Thursday’s episode, Carfax products head Paul Nadjarian, will cover best practices that can help convert online shoppers to confident, visitors on the lot who buy, according to the company.

Along with discussing techniques that can help increase used-buyer interest, over the thirty-minute webinar, Carfax said Nadjarian will also touch on the value of Carfax Used Car Listings and the jump in lead conversions Carfax Advantage dealers can get from consumers.

The 30-minute webinar is titled “Build Consumer Confidence and Drive More Sales,” and is open to anyone. Click here for more information.


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