GM approves more ad packages from Naked Lime Marketing

The 2015 Chevrolet Cruze. Photo courtesy of Chevrolet.

Franchised dealerships that include Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac in their portfolio now have an enhanced advertising option.

Naked Lime Marketing (NLM) recently announced that both its email and direct mail targeted marketing services are now approved for the General Motors (GM) iMR program, an expansion of the digital marketing company’s previous participation in the program.

The iMR program provides matching co-op funds that dealerships can utilize for marketing and advertising.

NLM’s targeted sales and service emails can provide dealers with branded communications that can be delivered effectively to any consumer device.

For direct mail campaigns, NLM’s database can reduce invalid or duplicate addresses to maximize efficiency and return on investment (ROI) for dealers.

“All of us at Naked Lime take it as a point of pride to be included in the GM iMR program,” said Chris Walsh, vice president and general manager of Naked Lime Marketing.

“While we already offer multiple iMR-eligible products and services, we’re especially excited about the opportunity targeted marketing provides dealers in delivering improved results,” Walsh continued,

“As a preferred turnkey provider for GM iMR match funds, Naked Lime’s targeted marketing services are now more accessible to dealers looking to present their customers with relevant, timely messages that encourage action,” Walsh added.

The inclusion of targeted marketing email and direct mail in the iMR program rounds out a full suite of marketing and advertising services available to dealers. NLM stressed the addition can enable cohesive and consistent messaging as well as robust first-party data to use for targeting.

NLM services that have previously been approved for participation in the GM iMR program include:

— Social media marketing
— Search engine optimization (SEO)
— Digital advertising
— Dealer-branded e-newsletters
— XtreamService

For more information about NLM’s GM iMR offerings, go to this website.

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