Honda & Acura to 'Move the Needle Even Further' in CPO

TORRANCE, Calif.  - 

The certified pre-owned programs at Honda and Acura are “posted to move the needle even further” this year after combining to sell more than 283,000 vehicles in 2012.

That’s according to Brian Butts, who heads up both programs for American Honda Motor Co. and shared with Auto Remarketing last month what the company’s CPO dealers will be focusing on in 2013.

“With a sizeable increase in lease maturities in 2013 for both brands, we are poised to move the needle even further.

"However, we will not sacrifice program compliance to get there. This is why one of our main focuses for 2013 will be ensuring our dealers are following all program guidelines and properly certifying their used vehicles,” said Butts.

“Ultimately, our shared customers want increased value for money, and our certified program is one of many ways to provide this to them — as long as the vehicles have been properly certified,” he continued.

Butts also said that Honda/Acura CPO will boost its “marketing intensity” with year-round assistance via American Honda Finance Corp., the company’ captive finance arm.

“Look for competitive rates and increased demand from dealers and our consumers as a result of our increased lease maturities and trade-ins,” Butts said. “The future looks bright for Honda Certified Used Cars and Acura Pre-owned Vehicles.”

As for the most recent past, it looks pretty bright, as well.

The Honda brand had its best-ever year with 239,148 CPO sales. This also marked a 4.7-percent year-over-year increase. Helping foster the “momentum” that led to Honda’s increase, Butts said, was the fact that in eight months of 2012, the brand set all-time records.

Although Acura’s CPO sales were down more than 8 percent, the brand actually eclipsed sales objectives by 7 percent in what Butts called a “strong year” for the luxury division.

“Like Honda, Acura had several months that exceeded last year's results, despite lower CPO inventory than desired,” he added.

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