How Audi dealers use CPO to connect with aspirational buyers

Audi Palo Alto, one of Audi's 10 top-selling stores for CPO in 2016. Photo courtesy of dealership.
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When a shopper buys a certified pre-owned vehicle, particularly if it’s a luxury ride, it’s often seen as a way to get that consumer into the brand and potentially buy a new car down the road.

In other words, a CPO buyer might be a future new-car buyer for that brand.

With that in mind — and as part of our Best CPO Dealers issue of Auto Remarketing — we asked top-selling dealers in the Audi CPO program how certified pre-owned has helped them get aspirational luxury buyers into new cars at their stores.

“Certified pre-owned Audis offer a significant advantage over non-CPO vehicles. The six-year 100,000(-mile) warranty offers peace-of-mind for anyone purchasing a luxury pre-owned Audi vehicle, and the knowledge of understanding that the vehicle has been reconditioned to an extremely high standard,” Jason Mattia, who is general manager at Audi Palo Alto, said via email.

Audi Palo Alto ranked ninth among U.S. Audi dealers with 485 certified sales in 2016.

“We really don’t have to compete with non-Audi dealers with our pre-owned Audis, and don’t have to race to the bottom on pricing. There are also lots of other benefits in the areas of marketing that dealers don’t recognize if they are not certifying all their pre-owned Audis,” Mattia said. “Audi’s CPO program is one of the best in the industry and also provides us a great opportunity to drive UIO’s that come back into our service drive far more frequently than new cars, and non-CPO Audis.”

Dan Flood is general manager at Fletcher Jones Audi, which ranked No. 7 on Audi’s CPO list with 535 certified sales in 2016. CPO is a way for shoppers to “break into the luxury market earlier in their buying cycle,” he says.

“With the reconditioning process being so strong, most people cannot tell it’s pre-owned, so the customer gets the prestige and recognition from their peers of being in a new luxury car at an earlier age,” Flood said in an email. “Not only does it have a manufacturer backed warranty, but in most cases Audi is offering finance rates as low as new cars, leading to the payments to really be within reach.”

The complete top 10 CPO dealers for Audi is below, with 2016 sales included:

1. Audi Atlanta: 800

2. The Audi Exchange: 679

3. Audi Natick: 629

4. Audi Central Houston: 623

5. Rockville Audi: 572

6. Keyes Audi: 542

7. Fletcher Jones Audi: 535

8. Audi Beverly Hills: 526

9. Audi Palo Alto: 485

10. Audi Bellevue: 483

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