KosLo integrates NADAguides data into website

AUSTIN, Texas - 

On Monday, KosLo announced it enhanced its website by integrating NADAguides year, make, and model data — creating a more customized experience for car shoppers and a new way for dealers to reach them nationwide.

“With the integration of NADAguides data into our system we know we will be able to make the car buying process better for both the dealership and consumer,” said KosLo chief executive officer Devin Koskan in a news release. “Our NADAguides partnership as well as our recent Dealertrack partnership should tell the industry that KosLo is here to revolutionize the car buying experience by putting the dealership first so the customer can have the best experience possible.”

The new interface allows shoppers to fill in the desired features of a car and KosLo connects them to dealerships across the country and generates a list of the top five dealership offers.

Additionally, the NADAguides data feature provides a preview of the manufacturer’s stock image of the make, model and trim level of vehicles.

Dealers can also show customers the history of the car by submitting photos, condition reports and the VIN numbers of vehicles.

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