Study: DealerRater users buy cars within weeks of site visit

WALTHAM, Mass. - 

Auto dealer review website DealerRater just put itself to the test to see how effective its product can be for new car buyers.

A new study from Oracle Data Cloud, announced Tuesday by DealerRater, showed that visitors of DealerRater’s profile pages are 3.5 times more likely to buy a vehicle than other consumers.

Of those visitors to the site, more than half complete a deal within four weeks of using DealerRater’s services.

The study, commissioned by DealerRater, tracked a three-month period where Oracle Data Cloud connected consumers to DealerRater services, then analyzed vehicle sales data to see which prospective car buyers successfully purchased a new vehicle.

Oracle Data Cloud concluded that the visitors of the site have “significant purchase intent” and use the site to research and decide on the dealership and salespeople that would benefit them the most in finding a new vehicle.

“DealerRater is the final stop for shoppers before calling or visiting a dealership,” Gary Tucker, DealerRater chief executive officer, said in a news release. “This study demonstrates that consumers coming to the DealerRater site are in the final stages of the buying process.

“Given that consumers are visiting fewer and fewer showrooms, it is especially important that dealers be in front of consumers at this stage of the buying process to showcase their dealership and their people.”

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