AuctionVcommerce releases new 'basic' online clerk training simulator version


AuctionVcommerce announced Friday it has introduced a new basic version of its Online ClerkTraining Simulator released in 2015.

In recent years, auctions using the original program have requested a modified solution with minimal investment, according to the company.

“My original vision included the idea that auctions would validate the certification with a new pay structure that would ultimately serve to increase clerk retention, and improve morale. However, it seems that we still have an issue with perception,” AuctionVcommerce president and co-founder Kelly Bianchi said. 

“When you are selling the future, your collateral is simply your belief. I have come to realize that I need to meet the auto auction industry halfway,” she explained.

The new Online Clerk Basics training aims to elevate perspective clerks to a skill level more comparable to a digital version of the auctioneer, according to AuctionVcommerce.

The program includes a guided tutorial, and only requires that participants complete the first level of the full certification training.

Training covers all of the fundamentals for performance, along with additional features that are designed to teach perspective clerks how to effectively incite participation.

“Millennials will not be nostalgic about the way things used to be,” Bianchi added. “We have to re-invent the traditional auction. The industry has not defined standards, or expectations when it comes to online execution. First, and foremost, we need stability.”

Additionally, the new program is also cheaper for auctions. It is roughly half the price of the original version, according to AuctionVcommerce.

Online Clerk Basics is now available on the AuctionVcommerce website.

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