AutoManager Announces New Dealer Bundle Subscription


Dealer software company AutoManager Inc. said this week it is offering a a bundled subscription to its DeskManager DMS and WebManager online marketing tool.

This new offering starts at $600 for six months.

AutoManager chief executive officer Kami Tafreshi contends AutoManager Suite is “the first of its kind to target the coveted $100/month price point that’s popular among upstart and small independent dealers.”

Each plan also includes in-house technical support via phone or live chat.

“We see AutoManager Suite as the one-stop solution to all of a dealer’s software needs,” Tafreshi said. “In the 21st century, it doesn’t make sense for dealers to have their marketing software completely unconnected from their DMS. It’s time to tear down that wall.”

Highlighting the products in more detail, DeskManager interfaces with industry third-party services, provides access to thousands of electronic forms and handles virtually vehicle payment plans, including deals; leases; buy-here, pay-here; and lease-here, pay-here.

Meanwhile, WebManager is AutoManager’s online marketing tool, featuring a website builder, exports to more than 100 online marketplaces, a specialized listing tool for Craigslist and the ability to load vehicles and run history checks from a mobile device.

The company contends using the two products together will reduce manual errors and double entry.

Tafreshi said the AutoManager Suite offering represents the first time they have been sold together at a discount.

It also coincides with a strong push to integrate the two programs, most notably with DeskManager’s new Data Exchange tool, the company noted.

Officials also explained that the AutoManager Suite system is highly customizable, with the ability to add upgrades like the QuickBooks Interface, WebPlus SEO service and a BHPH module on a subscription basis.

At launch, the Suite will be available at three basic subscription prices based on the volume of vehicles a dealer uploads to the Web each month.

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