AutoTrader Introduces New Samsung Smart TV App; Utilizes Emerging Technology


Though many see apps as tools specific to smartphones, is exploring another facet of this emerging market.

The company said Thursday it has launched a new app for Samsung Smart TVs.

"People are increasingly using mobile, consoles, TVs and many other emerging technologies to gather automotive information and make purchase decisions," said Nick Park, director, product innovation.

"This app is just one example of how we're responding to that shift,” he added.

Now, consumers will have another way to search for a new ride through the third-party site.

The company highlighted that the new app — designed by the Product Innovation Team — showcases video reviews of new cars from staff, as well as video shopping tips and advice.

"The visual, intuitive interface allows shoppers to search for information by brand, segment or by typing in a search term of their choice," officials added.

The app is compatible with all 2008 through most 2012 Samsung televisions equipped with Smart TV and is available through the Samsung Smart TV App Store.

"'s mission is to dramatically improve the way people buy and sell cars, so it's critical to our business to have an established team that's constantly asking what's next," Park explained. "Samsung Smart TV is a widely available platform so it's a great test bed for us. We expect to learn a lot from this first app and see where we go from here."

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