Binary Automotive names 3 new execs, including COO

BEDFORD, Texas - 

Binary Automotive Solutions announced Monday that it has added Joe Turner, Matt Ward and Troy Scheer to the company’s executive team.

The company said that Turner will serve as its new chief operating officer, while Ward and Sheer have been appointed to serve as chief marketing officer and divisional vice president, respectively.

The three new Binary executives bring over six combined decades of marketing and sales experience, according to the company.

“I’ve operated Binary for more than 13 years with the same credo the entire tenure; don’t take advantage of a client and don’t offer a product to a dealership that takes advantage of the customer,” Binary chief executive officer James Binkley said in a news release.

“Matt, Troy and Joe all extol these values and I look forward to bringing our value-added sales and marketing process to market with them at the helm.”

Turner brings 20-plus years of leadership experience to his new role at Binary. His experience includes time spent serving in roles at Microsoft and Epson, as well as starting his own businesses.

Turner most recently served with the United States Air Force and became staff sergeant after four years; his next role was working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a consultant.

Meanwhile, Ward has been named Binary divisional vice president and will coach clients and partners on Binary’s marketing approach for creating long-time customers, according to the company.

Ward brings operational and sales expertise plus more than two decades of automotive experience to his new role. In addition to owning automotive software firm, eOnward, Ward also previously served as general manager at Sunset Auto Group.

Along with Ward, new Binary CMO Scheer is also an entrepreneur. He brings over 20 years of marketing experience that includes heading his own marketing agency, MarketingIntel, and serving as a partner with international full-service digital marketing agency Froggo Marketing.

Scheer has been tasked with helping dealership clients boost their current brand positioning and assist in providing them with both online and offline strategy, according to Binary.

In his new role, Binary said that Scheer will oversee all internal and external marketing programs for the company, as well as collaborate with dealer clients to discuss strategy with their advertising agencies.

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