CarStory introduces ‘inline’ market reports

AUSTIN, Texas - 

CarStory announced today an upgrade to its market reports, coined “Inline CarStory Market Reports,” which embed vehicle research information directly into a vehicle’s detail page (VDP) on a dealer’s website.                             

The company said the aim of the product is to keep consumers from leaving a dealer’s website to conduct research on third-party sources.

The information provided in the “inline” market reports, according to the company, is based on insights generated from a combination of real-time used-vehicle listings and data from over 8 million used-car searches each week.

“Research shows that the number of views and time spent on VDPs are top online predictors of sales – simply put, the more car shoppers engage with a dealer’s VDP, the faster a vehicle will sell,” said Chad Bockius, CarStory’s chief marketing officer. “This makes keeping consumers on a VDP a key goal for dealers. Inline CarStory Market Reports are designed to provide the vehicle’s whole story, eliminating the need to click off to third-party websites.”

Shaun Raines is the vice president of marketing at DealerOn, the first dealer website to utilize the “inline” market report functionality. DealerOn made the reports available to all 1,600 of its dealer partners.

“Used-car shoppers spend significant time researching, often accessing over 24 research touch points before making a decision,” Raines said. “We want to give those consumers as many reasons as possible to stay on our dealer partner websites and the Inline CarStory Market Reports deliver all the data and research a consumer needs right from the VDP page.”

More information about the reports can be found on the CarStory website.

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